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inspired when my mom called Davesprite an angel (ụ w ụ )

dmmd ❀ six favorite koujaku cgs

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where will our blue boy go

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So a while back I saw this picture drawn by tumblr user k4rkl3s and what was a joke between me and Tamara became a small audio piece based upon it. So this is a dedication to k4rkl3s for A+ artwork, and to all you Eri<3<Rose and Dave<>Karkat shippers

Eridan was Myself

Rose was Tamara

Dave was RJ

Karkat was Case

Audio artwork done by Sydleys (Check her out)

can we just talk about how cool my friends are

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Since the giveaway is over, here is an upload of just the four pictures as a set! ^♡^

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I haven’t really been active because I’ve been having so much fun on my fantroll blog.


Seriously can’t help but just notice Dirk’s ear piercing in this…